Fabric wedding menus

Hello again!

Today I am going to show you a step-by-step guide to dip dying fabric. Wedding stationery doesn’t always have to be on paper! I have recently created these fabric menus, which would be a great addition to your wedding tables. A napkin and a keepsake all in one. WINNER!

I have never dip-dyed before but the results were great! Super pleased and its sooooo easy! Below is my how-to and also some useful tips to avoid disappointment.

What you will need: 

  • Fabric dye – I used Dylon hand wash in Navy Blue.
  • 100ml of warm water
  • 10 tbsp of salt
  • A large bucket or basin
  • 6 litres of warm water (separate to your 100ml)
    TIP: Want it darker? Just use less warm water. Take a litre or two off!

Okay, so here’s how you do it:

  1. Dampen all of your material that you want to dip dye. It shouldn’t be soaking wet, but this stops those nasty water marks that dry higher than your dip dye when it’s dry.
  2. Mix all of your hand-wash dye in to your 100ml of warm water and stir.
  3. Put your 6 litres of warm water in to your bucket and add 10tbsp of salt and then mix in the dye that you mixed together in step 2.
    TIP: They say on the pack to use rubber gloves. DO IT! I definitely ended up with blue fingers and as the weather was nice, my legs were out and now I am fashioning blue dye splodges – everywhere. Not a good look for a bride to be!
  4. You are ready to go…Get dipping!

TIP: Still getting a yellow watermark line? Dampen the line gently with a clean cloth and then dry quick­­ly. I am so professional I used my hair dryer. Needs must and all.

It’s messy but the results are great. I dipped my fabric unevenly to give that wave effect. Don’t expect identical results, this is an organic process and that’s part of the charm. My fabric menus are supposed to have that rustic feel to them. I even left the frayed edges.

Need some help? Get in touch! I would love to create something like this again for your special day.

What’s next I hear you say? A behind the scenes look in to my newest stationery collection. Including: gold wax seals, the cheaper way to print gold and white and my thoughts on how cool transparent stationery is!

Happy dipping!

Nicki x


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