Winter wedding colours

Gone are the days when wedding season is June-September. Yes, the sun may be shining (it is the UK after all) and yes, you could have your wedding outdoors, but there is definitely something to shout about when it comes to a winter wedding! Now I am not saying that summer weddings are not AMAZING, I’m just saying don’t feel pressured to only tie the knot in the summer months.

Winter weddings can be magical, romantic and of course the cost is a lot lower for venue pricing than the ever popular summer option! Now I could ramble on and on for ages about how to style the venue (I have millions of ideas in my head all the time), but I am guessing you are reading this because I am a wedding stationer and you are wondering how your invites can say “winter” but not in a cheesy way. Believe me there will be no snowflakes or icicles from this gal.

I only launched 13 weeks ago and I received 2 orders super quickly. I was ecstatic, if you were a fly on the wall then you would have been PROUD of my happy dance. One of my orders was a beautiful bespoke order for a wedding in December. The bride had an amazing idea of what she wanted and together we manged to create something beautiful.

Let’s talk colour schemes

Siobhan had a colour scheme for her big day in mind already in mind and the colours were just dreamy. Burgundy, deep blue and GOLD! A classy gold though! What I loved the most is she wanted her stationery to match her wedding colours. As you know if you have read my blog before, I think this is so important. Siobhan and Stuart are giving their first glimpse in to their big day and I can tell already it’s going to be stylish.

Why we chose watercolour

We wanted to create a dreamy blend on the burgundy and blue. I always feel that watercolour gives that soft and romantic feel even when using such bold colours. What I love most about watercolour is that it has a mind of its own at times. Some of my most beautiful creations are when the two watercolours merge in to each other. I’ve been playing around with using different materials as canvasses to create artwork recently, so for this piece I used a ceramic tile. It allowed the colours to flow more naturally.

The finished result

So here it is…We added the gold textured paint touches on top of the watercolour, we have gold spray painted envelope liners (still in the process), incorporated some solid blue pages for differentiation and leather twine to tie the tag for that extra special touch of luxury.

If that’s got you all inspired for your winter wedding, get in touch!

That’s all for now. Nicki x

Main photograph: Lila Wilson Weddings

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