2018 Beach wedding stationery

Planning your 2018 Beach wedding (A stationery lowdown)


So you have just got engaged and already you are thinking of your perfect wedding. Which girl (or guy) doesn’t! You might have already found your venue, a beach in Barbados, by the shore in Cornwall, sounds idylic.

Just over 2 months ago, I was invited by Perfect Wedding magazine to be a stationery expert in their SOS section. What an honour! The question went a little something like this… “We are having a wedding on a beach in Cornwall, how can my stationery say “beach wedding” without being cheesy?” Well guys, you have come to the right place. I HATE stereotypical weddings. Ok so you are getting married on a beach, does this mean you need throw some shells at it? HELL NO!

Two of my studio collections incorporate inspiration on the sea and I can promise you there are no clichés involved from this gal!

Somethin’ Blue

The inspiration for this piece came from two places. The obvious, something blue! Everyone needs a little bit in their wedding day, it’s good luck after all. But more importantly the waves. What can be more beautiful than the pattern waves make as they crash against the shore? Why did I choose marble as a medium? Well I love how you just don’t know what you might get. Just like the sea! Marbling makes its own pattern, creates it’s on style and just recently I learnt that marbling isn’t refined to paper. You can even marble your vases that your wedding flowers go in. I AM SO DOING THIS!

Pastel Perfect

Originally this studio collection wasn’t inspired by the sea, I was just obsessed with green – like everyone else this year, including Pantone! Now, looking back, I think it’s a really subtle and beautiful way to incorporate sea colours in a stylish and modern way. Watercolour ALWAYS gives an amazing depth of colour, with different shades and hues coming through, and we’ve all been to those amazing beaches where the sea shimmers with that beautiful green colour. So forget about shells and pebbles, this is where it’s at for a modern beach wedding.

Acrylic Signs

Without doubt one of the most amazing things about a beach wedding is the beautiful scenery and amazing views you get. So the less distractions you have from that the better – in my humble little opinion anyway. That’s why I think acrylic signs are perfect for your “on the day” stationery. Just imagine your table plan or order of the day on clear acrylic, with the waves and that seemingly never ending horizon visible THROUGH it! I That will look stunning and I can’t wait to show some of my latest projects off to you all. Watch this space.

Fabric Menu

Another on the day stationery piece I’m loving right now are fabric menus. And if you’re already mixing up traditions with a beach wedding, I think this twist on a traditional paper alternative will be right up your street. They create a really rustic feel, which suits the outdoor beach wedding vibe perfectly, and by dip-dieing them, they can be customised to fit with any colour scheme. Vector illustrations add a little bit of fun too, and really suit the more relaxed, natural feel, which is what makes beach weddings so special. What’s not to like?

So there you have it, a few lil’ tips and suggestions from lil’ old me on how to avoid the stereotypes and have the beach wedding that everyone’s going to remember for all the right reasons. Whatever you decide, the beach is about so much more than a few pebbles and shells.

Until next time

Nicki x

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Asia Pimental Photography
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