5 wedding stationery timeline top tips

A little guide to help you know when to find your stationer, when to send the invitations in the post, what to include and how to chase for those important RSVPs (trust me people take their time!)

There are many massive milestones on the lead up to your big day and one of the biggest is when to send out those important invitations. They should never be overlooked! They give your guests all the crucial information they need and tell them exactly when and where they are going to celebrate your wedding with you. So many brides ask me this question and I always say the same thing…

So here are some handy bits of advice:

When should I find my stationer?

I think some people think they can leave it until the last minute to book their wedding stationer! No, no, no! The best people get booked up well in advance and the best stationers will only take on jobs they can deliver to their high standards. If you see a design or a style that you like there is no hardship in getting your date pencilled in.

When do I need to send my save the dates?

I have done a bit of research on this and a lot of people say traditionally 6-8 months before your wedding. Personally, I would give a little longer. A lot of people have pre-booked holiday by then so I would say get those save the dates out 8-10 months in advance to avoid disappointment. Unlike your invitations, I would say that save the dates don’t have to stick to a strict timescale though and it needs to be what works best for you. If you are inviting a lot of people from all different areas of the country or the world then the sooner you let them know the less chance there is of them saying BUMMER, I can’t make it! Remember though, be certain on who you are sending that save the date to, how upset would you be if your invitation then never turned up in the post because the Bride and Groom had changed their mind?! You can always send an invite to someone who hasn’t had a save the date but there is no going back once it’s sent.

When should I send my main invitations?

You need to send your main invitations around 4 months in advance. Again, a lot of people will say this is too early and I disagree! By sending your invitations out 4 months in advance you can give people a month and a half to respond lets say and then you still have time to collate all the information and get it over to your stationer with plenty of time to spare. Nobody likes a big rush right before the wedding and trust me there will be lots of other things you have to deal with on the lead up to your big day – like all the final payments. Give yourself time and don’t worry you are prepared for this! Which leads me on nicely to…

When should I make my RSVP date?

This is a tricky one. For me, I wanted to know ASAP if people were going to come, but you are never going to get everybody to respond in a short turn around. We all know what it’s like, you get the invite, admire it and then put it somewhere “safe” to respond at the weekend. Then you don’t actually respond until 5 weeks later! I would give yourself 2 months (personally) to collate all of your details, send it over to the stationer and allow time for proofing and printing. Allow one thing ticked off the list sooner rather than later. It also means you get one thing ticked off your list sooner rather than later!

How to chase up wedding RSVP’s?

The most important thing to remember is that your guests aren’t purposely not RSVPing. It’s not intentional, they have simply forgotten. I had a very organised bride recently who made a google spreadsheet with all of her invited guests and filled it in as and when people RSVP’d. There is nothing wrong with sending a little reminder text, however if you don’t feel comfortable get your bridesmaids and ushers doing it. They are there to help you in whatever way they can!

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Okay so moving on I wanted to touch base quickly on what to include in your invitations. Many a couple send out a one-page invitations, which is completely fine if you are having a wedding in one venue, with no details to give, no menu choices needed and simply an RSVP required. It’s not always that simple so I have detailed a few little points based on my packages to help you know what to include.

Save the date: Name and date – that’s literally all you need (oh, and of course the fact that you are getting married!)

Invitations: Names, date, venue, time

Details: Here is where you can put the address of the venue, a little map drawing, your reception address if different from the ceremony, where to stay in the local area if people are having to travel.

Gifts: Not everybody has a gift list, some people just ask for contributions towards their big day, some people just don’t feel comfortable asking for this at all. If you do decide you want a gift list there are several verses and poems out there that can help you politely ask for a contribution to your honeymoon, or your new home.

RSVP: MOST IMPORTANT!!! Make sure you include a RSVP date so people know how long they have. Other than that, a name field, a tick box so people can say whether or not they can make it, food choices if needed, allergies box (your venue or caterers will ask for this).

Menu: You can either send this out with your invitations or save it for on the day. Have you made that final decision yet? If so, it might be nice to let your guests know what is on offer.

So now you have all that information, go check out my stationery collections and get in touch! I would love to hear more from you.


Any questions? Comment below and I will get back to you.

Nicki xo

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