National Wedding Show 2017 – My Journey so far – Part 1

So some of you reading this may already know, but in September I am off with my wedding stationery (and much more…) to Kensington Olympia to take part in the National Wedding Show. I have my stand booked and I just wanted to write this post to share my journey of getting wedding show ready, how I stayed organised, a sneak peak in to some of my new things for the show and what’s still to come…

Getting wedding show ready.

I have always wanted to do a wedding show. I ran a stand at the National Wedding show back when I worked at Wedding Magazine many moons a go. But it’s a completely different ball game when it’s for your own business and Betty Lou Design’s reputation is on the line. It’s safe to say I have put a lot of effort in to this and A LOT of money, but I think I am finally feeling wedding show ready. But I mean seriously, what really is wedding show ready?

Wedding Bar Sign

Standing out on the day.

I have not set my sights on arriving at the wedding show, getting 50 orders there and then and then feeling like I’ve made it. I know it takes hard work and effort to secure those bookings and more importantly to secure them with my ideal clients. So how am I going to grab their attention, I hear you all ask? Well, I’ll tell you. I’ve been working on some statement pieces, that have been so much fun and I can’t wait to share them with you. Think bar signs, hanging table plans and more dip-dye linen printing (I know, I know, I’m obsessed). Don’t get me started on my 3D logo – it’s gonna’ be AMAZING, even if I do say so myself!

Staying organized.

I don’t think I’ve ever made so many lists in my entire, adult life. And I love a list J! They seem to be getting longer and longer as the show gets closer, but I can’t tell you how much it’s helped. That feeling of satisfaction when you cross something off is great, and it really shows you how much you’ve got done. I know putting in the hours will pay off – especially in my new office, which is an absolute game changer by the way! It’s so great to have a creative space, where I can really focus, then switch off and find time for myself when I close the door. It sounds super simple and a wise business coach (Lisa Johnson, Just Own This) always recommends having a separate work space to the rest of your house. Now I’ve done it, I know exactly what she means.

Stationery, stationery, stationery. (And a few surprises)

So what am I taking to the show? How do you decide what to take and what to leave behind? Well, that’s been one of the toughest questions to answer.

Studio Collection

As you know, I currently have 6 Studio Collections, and they’ll all be coming with me. They include main invitations, evening invitations, save the dates, rsvps, menus, order of the days, details pages and place names. All handmade and designed by me, they can be fully personalised with names and all that important info. You can even add a bespoke map and larger on the day statement items including table plans.

Studio Luxe

My latest edition to the Betty Lou service is Studio Luxe, and I’ll be launching this at the National Wedding show – eeeeeeeeek! This has been one of my favourite collections to develop because it’s all about those perfect finishing touches that make your stationery really stand out. I’m as obsessed with paper almost as much as I am with typography (that’s A LOT), so the chance to create colour core designs was too good to miss! I love the fact you can personalise the core to your colour scheme, for that extra little touch. The finishing options are EVEN BETTER though. Foiling is an amazing technique that catches the light to make your stationery really pop when it’s in someone’s hands. I’ve shared a few shots on my social channels, but there’s nothing like holding them for real – so make sure you check them out!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Bespoke Service

On top of my off the shelf designs, I’ll also be bringing a few examples of my Bespoke Service – for couples who want something completely unique to them. I create the artwork from scratch to suit their style and this service can include anything from classic stationery to statement table plans, table numbers and quirky place names.

Some of the things I’ll be bringing with me include an acrylic Bar sign – brimming with cocktails to guarantee the guests are happy, a fabric menu, marble table numbers and some vintage light bulb place names. Intrigued? Make sure you pop by my stand and check them out.

On the way.

So that’s almost it for part 1 of this National Wedding Show blog series. I need to get back to bringing more of my ideas to life! I’m busy working on lots of exciting new stuff, which I’ll be sharing in part 2, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for what’s coming soon.

To give you a little teaser we’ve got a gorgeous hoop table plan, embossed invitations, a wooden welcome sign and who knows, knowing me there could be a few more surprises on the way.

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