Wedding table plan ideas with WOW factor

Statement table plans put the fun in to finding your seats and with that extra splash of foliage you will be right on trend for your 2017/2018 wedding. Read below to find out more…

There’s no doubt about it, when it comes to on the day wedding stationery your table plan is one of the most important things to get right. It saves your ushers, bridesmaids and most importantly you – the newlyweds– a whole load of stress if everyone knows where they should be sitting when it comes to the wedding breakfast.

So, it has to be clear and easy to understand, but does it have to be a flat sign or the classic foam board option? Well, at Betty Lou Design, I don’t think it does. That’s not to say I’m against a more traditional look, they can look beautiful and can carry the theme of your stationery through to the day in a really simple, elegant way. But they’re just the start, and in this lil’ blog post, I’m going to give a little peek (and hopefully some inspiration) to some of your modern, trendy brides (and grooms) out there, with a few of the 3D, statement table plans I’ve been working on recently. Hope you like them!



First up, we’ve got my fabric table plan, which was so much fun to make. It’s rather big, so it’s guaranteed to stand out in any venue. I chose a bold, but elegant font so it showcases all the detail in a stylish but easily understandable way – perfect for your guests! I dressed the top with foliage – which can be customized to suit your floristry, to add to the rustic, natural vibe of the linen, making it ideal for a modern or outdoor wedding. It was loads of fun to create and it’s still got loads of potential. You can personalise it even further with a dip-dyed treatment at the bottom to suit your scheme (think a larger version of my fabric menus) – and did I mention how cool it looks as a door hanger?!? Who doesn’t love a keepsake from their wedding?



Another option, which I’m loving right now, is this hoop table plan design. It can hang from the hoop itself, using a lovely ribbon and what I love most about this is the way it can be a real part of your venue’s styling. The details are printed on both sides of the circles, making this a real focal point for your guests and it would look beautiful hanging in the grounds of your venue or inside, either hanging freely or against a brick or stone wall. Just like the fabric option above, I’ve styled it using foliage, which can be personalized to match your existing style or theme and of course, the design can be amended to fit in with any vibe you like.

So, there you have it, and hopefully my two latest fabric table plan designs have given you some inspiration to try something a little more creative for your special day. As you all know it was my own wedding that inspired the creation of Betty Lou Design and I made my own table plan there. Mine was a planter stand, with plant pots, wooden garden sticks with the guest’s names on and foliage – but I really wish I’d thought above the ideas above back then! At least now I can make them for you lovely lot!

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned this yet, but I’ll be exhibiting at the National Wedding Show in September (eeeeeek! – it’s my first one!!!!!!!) and both of these items will be coming with me. So make sure you stop by to check them out in person – trust me it’ll be worth it, even if I do say so myself. And while I’m on the subject, I’ve got a few free tickets to give away to lucky couples. All you’ve got to do is secure an order in the next week (you’ve got until 23rd August) and you’ll have a chance of getting them.

That’s enough from me for now but I’ll be back soon, in the meantime stay tuned to my Instagram (@bettyloudesign) to see everything else I’m up to.

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