Well hello there! In this blog, I wanted to chat to you about something tonnes of couples ask me about all the time. And that is on the day wedding stationery! You guys always know where you stand with invitations, save the dates and RSVPs but seem to get a little stumped when it comes to cool and unique on the day wedding stationery.

So, the big question and the one this blog post will hopefully answer or inspire you about, is – what do you really need on the day?!? Let’s start with the must-haves.


Up first we have the order of service. Now, if you’re getting married in a church I would definitely recommend an order of service. Enabling your guests to follow your service makes the moment extra special and there’s loaaaaaaads of cool, quirky things you can do to show off your personality as a couple and share your story. It doesn’t have to be a normal booklet. Another option, is an order of the day. They can be small, think one for each guest waiting on their seats for the ceremony, or much bigger – a statement sign or hanging fabric piece which becomes a focal point for guests to know a rough plan of the day. Again, you can add personal touches, with elements of the rest of your stationery, or vector illustrations to show off your personality as a couple.

Unique fabric table plan


Another definite is the table plan. A lot of venues will ask for a seating plan, but that doesn’t mean you can’t opt for a more relaxed feel and let people sit where they like – just as long as they know the table they’re on, you’ll be fine. When you think table plan many brides often think of a simple A1 sign incorporating elements of their stationery, which is the classic style and more often than not is great. But you don’t HAVE to do that. You could mix it up with a fabric hanging table plan, or hang your tables in foliage wrapped hoop, or create an acrylic sign – the possibilities are almost endless. I love quirky statement pieces like these, they’re right up my street and become part of what makes your day even more special. They almost become part of the decoration for your wedding.



Once your guests have found their seat on the table plan, they need to know which table’s which, right? So that’s where table numbers come in – or perhaps table names? The classic option has always been numbers, but who’s to say that’s what you have to do. You could go for places you’ve visited together, special dates, things you love as a couple and even your favourite hashtags (I had a couple that recently did this as the bride had made her own hashtags up)  – just so long as people know where they’re going you’ll be onto a winner. After choosing your style, it’s then all about how you display the names. You could go for a really simple framed design, attach them to sticks and build them into your floral décor, write on marble coasters, stones, statement bottles or even vintage lightbulbs. (I’m getting ideas just thinking about it!)



Next there’s place names. Most people I speak to already know they need and want these, but the great thing about them is that almost anything is possible. I’ve heard so many lovely idea’s recently such as envelopes with a handwritten note for each guest inside – it’s those little touches, which make your day special for everyone. Another option could be to personalize my fabric menu napkins, with each guest’s name at the top to act as a little keepsake after the day itself.

Fabric wedding menu


So when everyone’s found their table and their seat, next up is the wedding breakfast. And that brings me onto the topic of menus. They’re a really nice touch for the table itself and it’s up to you whether you’d like to create a personal option – you can bring the menu to life with little vector illustrations, or illustrative type. People like to know what they’re expecting to eat – they’ve probably forgotten since the invites went out – and even if you’ve gone for a table buffet, it’s still good to know what you’ve got to choose from.


Sticking with the on the table theme, next on my little list here are favours. Now I love a favour, and I think there’s so many creative options to choose from, but it’s always good to consider if it’s something your guests actually want. They’re a lovely, personal touch, but it can be a little disheartening if you have spent lots of money and at the end of the night people leave them on the tables. On my travels, I’ve seen everything from little succulent plants, which can then be incorporated into your table décor to a personally chosen Penguin book for every guest (the bride worked in publishing). Don’t think they have to be stand-alone items either, my fabric napkin menus are fully washable so they can be kept as a memento of your day.

B&W wedding welcome sign Acrylic bar menu


Another big trend right now is signage and a lot of brides ask me about the different options out there. So let me start at the beginning – Welcome signs. I wouldn’t say you NEED one of these and depending on your budget I would recommend focusing on some of the pieces I’ve chatted to you about so far. However, I love to create them and it’s always a really nice, friendly gesture to welcome your friends and family on the day. The words and materials you choose can create a real statement piece and set the tone for the rest of the day. And hey, you can always hang it at home afterwards as a special memento right?!

I know I said I love to create welcome signs but I think I might be a little more in love with Bar signs right now. They’re probably not right for every wedding and every venue, but if you have some fancy cocktails, or a few specific drinks, why not shout about them?! And the great thing is there are so many options and ways to bring them to life. You can hang them from the ceiling for a real statement options, stand them at, or on the bar, rest them on crates for an outdoor or barn wedding and even go for something smaller and have one per table.

Social media signs are another massive trend at the moment and who doesn’t love a wedding hashtag eh?! If you are creating one then it’s good to let your guests know, so they can get all their best shots up on the ‘gram! However, you don’t necessarily need a separate sign for this. There are many ways to build it into the rest of your on the day stationery. We could incorporate it into your table plan, your table numbers or even your place names – the choice is yours.

So there you have it, I think I’ve got it all covered. I hope I’ve given you a bit of inspiration, and most importantly helped you to work out what are the must-haves and nice-to-haves for your on the day stationery. I’d love to help you more so if you have any questions or would like me to create your on the day stationery, just give me a shout.

Happy planning.

Nicki x

Main photograph: Camilla J.Hards Photography

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